PPSN will take place at the Polo I of the Campus of the University of Coimbra. This location was selected due to its centrality and convenience for participants, as well as its history.

PPSN will occur in a set of buildings and rooms of historical relevance, thus giving the participants the opportunity to visit the different areas of the university and experience the feeling of studying and working in Coimbra. The venue uses three buildings:

  • The Mathematics Department
  • The Science Museum of the University of Coimbra
  • The Dom Dinis Cultural Centre


The mathematics department will host the plenary talks in the  “17th of April” room, which became famous in 1969 due to the speech made by the president of the Academic Association of Coimbra, which ignited an academic strike against the dictatorship.

The workshops and tutorial sessions will take place at the auditoriums of the Science Museum.

The poster sessions and some workshop events will take place at Dom Dinis Cultural Centre. It is a welcoming environment with large rooms for posters and coffee breaks.

Lunches will take place at the cafeterias of the University.