Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers

A Comparative Study of Large-Scale Variants of CMA-ES
Konstantinos Varelas, Anne Auger, Dimo Brockhoff, Nikolaus Hansen, Yann Semet, Rami Kassab, Frédéric Barbaresco and Ouassim Ait ElHara

Adaptive Advantage of Learning Strategy: A Study Through Dynamic Landscape
Nam Le, Michael O’Neill and Anthony Brabazon

A Decomposition-based Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Modal Multi-Objective Optimization
Ryoji Tanabe and Hisao Ishibuchi

A Double-Niched Evolutionary Algorithm and its Behavior on Polygon-Based Problems
Yiping Liu, Hisao Ishibuchi, Yusuke Nojima, Naoki Masuyama and Ke Shang

A First Analysis of Kernels for Kriging-Based Optimization in Hierarchical Search Spaces
Martin Zaefferer and Daniel Horn

A General Dichotomy of Evolutionary Algorithms on Monotone Functions
Johannes Lengler

Algorithm Configuration Landscapes: More Benign than Expected?
Yasha Pushak and Holger Hoos

A Model-Based Framework for Black-box Problem Comparison Using Gaussian Processes
Sobia Saleem, Marcus Gallagher and Ian Wood

A Modern, Event-Based Architecture for Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms
Juan Julián Merelo-Guervós and José Mario Garcia Valdez

Analyzing Resilience to Computational Glitches in Island-Based Evolutionary Algorithms
Rafael Nogueras and Carlos Cotta

A Probabilistic Tree-Based Representation for Non-Convex Minimum Cost Flow Problems
Behrooz Ghasemishabankareh, Melih Ozlen, Frank Neumann and Xiaodong Li

Artificial Decision Maker Driven by PSO: An Approach for Testing Reference Point Based Interactive Methods
Cristobal Barba-Gonzalez, Vesa Ojalehto, José García-Nieto, Antonio J. Nebro, Kaisa Miettinen and Jose F Aldana Montes

Artificial Immune Systems Can Find Arbitrarily Good Approximations for the NP-Hard Partition Problem
Dogan Corus, Pietro S. Oliveto and Donya Yazdani

A Simple Indicator Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Set-Based Minmax Robustness
Yue Zhou-Kangas and Kaisa Miettinen

A Simple Proof for the Usefulness of Crossover in Black-Box Optimization
Eduardo Carvalho Pinto and Carola Doerr

A Suite of Computationally Expensive Shape Optimisation Problems Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Steven Daniels, Alma Rahat, Richard Everson, Gavin Tabor and Jonathan Fieldsend

A Surrogate Model Based on Walsh Decomposition for Pseudo-Boolean Functions
Sébastien Verel, Bilel Derbel, Arnaud Liefooghe, Hernán Aguirre and Kiyoshi Tanaka

Automated Selection and Configuration of Multi-Label Classification Algorithms with Grammar-based Genetic Programming
Alex de Sá, Alex Freitas and Gisele Pappa

Bridging Elementary Landscapes and a Geometric Theory of Evolutionary Algorithms: First Steps
Marcos Diez García and Alberto Moraglio

Challenges in High-Dimensional Reinforcement Learning with Evolution Strategies
Nils Müller and Tobias Glasmachers

Comparative Study of Different Memetic Algorithm Configurations for the Cyclic Bandwidth Sum Problem
Eduardo Rodriguez-Tello, Valentina Narvaez-Teran and Frederic Lardeux

Conditional Preference Learning for Personalized and Context-Aware Journey Planning
Mohammad Haqqani, Amirhomayoon Ashrafzadeh, Xiaodong Li and Xinghuo Yu

Critical Fractile Optimization Method Using Truncated Halton Sequence with Application to SAW Filter Design
Kiyoharu Tagawa

Design of a Surrogate Model Assisted (1+1)-ES
Arash Kayhani and Dirk Arnold

Destructiveness of Lexicographic Parsimony Pressure and Alleviation by a Concatenation Crossover in Genetic Programming
Timo Kötzing, J. A. Gregor Lagodzinski, Johannes Lengler and Anna Melnichenko

Directed Locomotion for Modular Robots with Evolvable Morphologies
Gongjin Lan, Milan Jelisavcic, Diederik Roijers, Evert Haasdijk and Guszti Eiben

EDDA-V2 – An Improvement of the Evolutionary Demes Despeciation Algorithm
Illya Bakurov, Leonardo Vanneschi, Mauro Castelli and Francesco Fontanella

Efficient Recombination in the Lin-Kernighan-Helsgaun Traveling Salesman Heuristic
Renato Tinós, Keld Helsgaun and Darrell Whitley

Empirical Analysis of Diversity-preserving Mechanisms on Example Landscapes for Multimodal Optimisation
Edgar Covantes Osuna and Dirk Sudholt

Escherization with a Distance Function focusing on the Similarity of Local Structure
Yuichi Nagata

Evolutionary Search of Binary Orthogonal Arrays
Luca Mariot, Stjepan Picek, Domagoj Jakobovic and Alberto Leporati

Exploration and Exploitation Without Mutation: Solving the Jump Function in O(n) time.
Darrell Whitley, Swetha Varadarajan, Rachel Hirsch and Anirban Mukhopadhyay

Extending Program Synthesis Grammars for Grammar-Guided Genetic Programming
Stefan Forstenlechner, David Fagan, Miguel Nicolau and Michael O’Neill

Extending the Speed-constrained Multi-Objective PSO (SMPSO) With Reference Point Based Preference Articulation
Antonio J. Nebro, Juan J. Durillo, José García-Nieto, Cristóbal Barba-Fernández, Javier Del Ser, Carlos A. Coello Coello, Antonio Benítez-Hidalgo and José F. Aldana-Montes

Fast Artificial Immune Systems
Dogan Corus, Pietro S Oliveto and Donya Yazdani

Filtering Outliers in One Step with Genetic Programming
Uriel Lopez, Leonardo Trujillo and Pierrick Legrand

First-Hitting Times for Finite State Spaces
Timo Kötzing and Martin S. Krejca

First-Hitting Times Under Additive Drift
Timo Kötzing and Martin S. Krejca

Generalized Self-Adapting Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm
Mateusz Uliński, Adam Żychowski, Michał Okulewicz, Mateusz Zaborski and Hubert Kordulewski

GOMGE: Gene-pool Optimal Mixing on Grammatical Evolution
Eric Medvet, Alberto Bartoli, Andrea De Lorenzo and Fabiano Tarlao

Heavy-tailed Mutation Operators in Single-Objective Combinatorial Optimization
Tobias Friedrich, Andreas Göbel, Francesco Quinzan and Markus Wagner

Heuristics in Permutation GOMEA for Solving the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem
Gerben Aalvanger, Hoang Luong, Peter Bosman and Dirk Thierens

Improving 1by1EA to Handle Various Shapes of Pareto Fronts
Yiping Liu, Hisao Ishibuchi, Yusuke Nojima, Naoki Masuyama and Ke Shang

Lamarckian Evolution of Convolutional Neural Networks
Jonas Prellberg and Oliver Kramer

Learning Bayesian Networks with Algebraic Differential Evolution
Marco Baioletti, Alfedo Milani and Valentino Santucci

Level-Based Analysis of the Population-Based Incremental Learning Algorithm
Phan Trung Hai Nguyen and Per Kristian Lehre

Linear Combination of Distance Measures for Surrogate Models in Genetic Programming
Martin Zaefferer, Jörg Stork, Oliver Flasch and Thomas Bartz-Beielstein

New Initialisation Techniques for Multi-Objective Local Search Application to the Bi-Objective Permutation Flowshop
Aymeric Blot, Manuel López-Ibáñez, Marie-Eleonore Kessaci and Laetitia Jourdan

On Pareto Local Optimal Solutions Networks
Arnaud Liefooghe, Bilel Derbel, Sébastien Verel, Manuel López-Ibánez, Hernán Aguirre and Kiyoshi Tanaka

On the Performance of Baseline Evolutionary Algorithms on the Dynamic Knapsack Problem
Vahid Roostapour, Aneta Neumann and Frank Neumann

On the Synthesis of Perturbative Heuristics for Multiple Combinatorial Optimisation Domains
Christopher Stone, Emma Hart and Ben Paechter

Optimal Neuron Selection and Generalization: NK Ensemble Neural Networks
Renato Tinos, Darrell Whitley and Francisco Chicano

Optimisation and Illumination of a Real-World Workforce Scheduling and Routing Application (WSRP) via Map-Elites
Neil Urquhart and Emma Hart

Performance Assessment of Recursive Probability Matching for Adaptive Operator Selection in Differential Evolution
Mudita Sharma, Manuel Lopez Ibanez and Dimitar Kazakov

Perturbation Strength and the Global Structure of QAP Fitness Landscapes
Gabriela Ochoa and Sebastian Herrmann

Precise Runtime Analysis for Plateaus
Denis Antipov and Benjamin Doerr

Program Trace Optimization
Alberto Moraglio and James McDermott

Prototype Discovery Using Quality-Diversity
Alexander Hagg, Alexander Asteroth and Thomas Bäck

PSO-based Search Rules for Aerial Swarms Against Unexplored Vector Fields via Genetic Programming
Palina Bartashevich, Illya Bakurov, Sanaz Mostaghim and Leonardo Vanneschi

Ring Migration Topology Helps Bypassing Local Optima
Clemens Frahnow and Timo Kötzing

Runtime Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms for the Knapsack Problem with Favorably Correlated Weights
Frank Neumann and Andrew M. Sutton

Sampling Heuristics for Multi-Objective Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling Using Island Based Parallel Genetic Programming
Deepak Karunakaran, Yi Mei, Gang Chen and Mengjie Zhang

Sampling Local Optima Networks of Large Combinatorial Search Spaces: the QAP Case
Sébastien Verel, Fabio Daolio, Gabriela Ochoa and Marco Tomassini

Self-Adaptive Crossover in Genetic Programming: The Case of the Tartarus Problem
Thomas D. Griffiths and Aniko Ekart

Sensitivity of Parameter Control Mechanisms with Respect to Their Initialization
Carola Doerr and Markus Wagner

Spark Clustering Computing Platform Based Parallel Particle Swarm Optimizers for Computationally Expensive Global Optimization
Qiqi Duan, Lijun Sun and Yuhui Shi

Sparse Incomplete LU-Decomposition for Wave Farm Designs under Realistic Conditions
Didac Rodriguez Arbones, Nataliia Y. Sergiienko, Boyin Ding, Oswin Krause, Christian Igel and Markus Wagner

Tailoring Instances of the 1D Bin Packing Problem for Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses of its Solvers
Ivan Amaya, José Carlos Ortiz-Bayliss, Santiago Enrique Conant-Pablos, Hugo Terashima and Carlos Coello Coello

Theoretical Analysis of Lexicase Selection in Multi-Objective Optimization
Thomas Jansen and Christine Zarges

Towards a More General Many-Objective Evolutionary Optimizer
Jesús Guillermo Falcón-Cardona and Carlos Artemio Coello Coello

Towards an Adaptive CMA-ES Configurator
Sander van Rijn, Carola Doerr and Thomas Bäck

Towards a Running Time Analysis of the (1+1)-EA for OneMax and LeadingOnes under General Bit-wise Noise
Chao Bian, Chao Qian and Ke Tang

Towards Large-Scale Multiobjective Optimisation with a Hybrid Algorithm for Non-Dominated Sorting
Margarita Markina and Maxim Buzdalov

Tree-Structured Decomposition and Adaptation in MOEA/D
Hanwei Zhang and Aimin Zhou

Understanding Climate-Vegetation Interactions in Global Rainforests Through a GP-Tree Analysis
Anuradha Kodali, Marcin Szubert, Kamalika Das, Sangram Ganguly and Josh Bongard

Use of Reference Point Sets in a Decomposition-based Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
Edgar Manoatl Lopez and Carlos A. Coello Coello

Use of Two Reference Points in Hypervolume-based Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Algorithms
Hisao Ishibuchi, Ryo Imada, Naoki Masuyama and Yusuke Nojima

Weaving of Metaheuristics with Cooperative Parallelism
Jheisson López, Danny Munera, Daniel Diaz and Salvador Abreu

What are the Limits of Evolutionary Induction of Decision Trees?
Krzysztof Jurczuk, Daniel Reska and Marek Kretowski